Free The Girls

Zonta Club os Westchester - Service Project

By partnering with established after-care facilities, FREE THE GIRLS provide an opportunity for sex trafficking survivors to build their own business selling second-hand clothing while going to school, establishing a house and caring for their families. The women in the program receive their starting inventory as a donation and are then able to buy additional inventory from Free The Girls who then work one-on-one with each budding entrepreneur in areas like inventory management, budgeting, and financial planning for future dreams and goals they want to achieve. 

The Zonta Club of Westchester began collecting bras in 2015. In August, a shipment of 168 new and gently used bras was sent to Free the Girls along with a check of $50.00. 

History of our donations: 

  • May 2016 268 bras and $50.00
  • February 2017 200 bras and $50.00 
  • February 2018 183 bras and $50.00 
  • January 2019 181 bras and $50.00 
  • August 2019 168 bras and $50.00 

The total of collected Bras sent is 1000. The total monetary donation is $250.00. 

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